Japan is treating Southeast Asians as slaves right now.

 Bunshun Online, a Japanese web media, published an article on November 3, 2020.

The article was a horrific news that revealed the reality of Japan's enslavement and abuse of Southeast Asians.

Original article - Bunshun Online

I translated the entire article. I want more people to know about the evil of Japan.

The translation of the article is following.

'A Japanese training center crammed 15 or more foreign trainees into small rooms.'

From the end of October to the beginning of November 2020, crimes by Vietnamese people in Japan were on the rise. The Vietnamese are former foreign trainees.

They had stolen crops and livestock.

Needless to say, theft is a crime and it is not tolerated.

But the responsibility for this crime is resting on Japan.

It requires more than 160 hours of training to get a foreigner to work as a trainee.

This was exposed by a whistleblower who had worked at a "S training center" in Tokyo area in the past.

According to the law for proper implementation and protection of foreign trainees, the supervisory bodies and host companies of trainees are required to ensure that trainees take at least 160 hours of courses before putting them to work.

The contents of the courses are Japanese language, knowledge of general life in Japan, necessary information for the legal protection of trainees, or knowledge that helps to acquire skills smoothly.

These training courses are outsourced to private training centers by the supervisory bodies and host companies.

In other words, they are the first footholds for the foreign trainees who have come to Japan.

According to the whistleblower, the S training center committed a number of rule violations.

'Look at this,'

The whistleblower said, and he played the video that was stored on his phone.

The video showed seven men getting out of a car and carrying large suitcases into a two-storey house one after the other.

There are bunk beds lined up everywhere. The beds counted 24. Each man settled into a bed and began to unpack there.

As a matter of fact, they had just arrived at Narita Airport from Cambodia on this day.

At times, 15 or more men could be crammed into a room...

The whistleblower said.

'This is a quarantine facility where the foreign trainees come to Japan spend the first 14 days of their stay. Acceptance of foreign trainees had been suspended after the outbreak of COVID-19, but after July, the acceptance from Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia has been gradually resumed.

However, they must be quarantined for 14 days after entering the country. According to the Health Ministry's request, each person is to be quarantined in a private room with a bathroom and toilet.

But at our house, we could cram 15 or more people into a small room with bunk beds, on many occasions.  Depending on the timing, trainees of different nationalities may be mixed in.'

The video shows that each bed is covered with a kind of clear plastic curtain, perhaps to prevent the spread of droplets.

But it's obvious that the space between the beds is so close together that people can't move smoothly, and if even one infected person is in the mix, a cluster infection could easily occur.

Furthermore, illegal shortening of courses is also rampant in the S training center.

As mentioned above, the law requires trainees to take at least 160 hours of training before they can start work. In addition, the courses are to be conducted within eight hours per day and five days per week, which means it will take at least four weeks to complete the 160 hours of training.

Training hours are clearly not obeyed.

However, the whistleblower said he has seen many trainees at the S Training Center who had been assigned to the host companies just three weeks after entering in Japan.

Evidentially, the whistleblower showed me a photo. It was a confirmation of entry for a foreign trainee who allegedly arrived in Japan on October 22, 2020. In the remarks column, there was a message from the host company that said, "We will pick you up after 5:00 p.m. on November 16."

Even though he arrived on October 22, it is impossible for him to be assigned on November 16.

Because he was required to spend two weeks in quarantine and four weeks in training.

In spite of this inconsistency, the trainee was assigned to that date.

A reporter called the representatives of the S Training Center about these non-compliance and legal violations.

'We just did an orientation.'

But an operator said,

'What are you saying!? We follow the rules properly. Quarantine in a house? We just did an orientation there and moved them to a different place to quarantine them.

We have never shortened the course. I won't tell you any more about it! Please don't call us again!'

He was furious and hung up a phone unilaterally.

Meanwhile, the reporter inquired JITCO, a Japanese organization for the Foreign Trainee System, about the real situation at the S Training Center.

The person in charge said,

'The acceptance of forein trainees is conditional on compliance with the 14-days quarantine. If it's a breach, that's a serious problem. Shortening the course is a violation of the law. Strict measures will be taken in any case. We will also consider publishing the names of company that have violated the law.'

However, according to a whistleblower who is familiar with inside situation, the S Training Center is only the tip of the iceberg.

'Because of CoVID-19, the acceptance of foreign trainees was suspended until July. Some of the host companies faced a labor shortage, and they requested, "Send us the foreign trainees as soon as possible."

Despite this, companies are unwilling to pay the cost of quarantining their trainees in each rooms for 14 days.'

Japan is cheating Southeast Asians in order to create a system of low-cost labor supply.

Labor? No,This is just modern slavery.

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